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Miro Online TV Review

Miro offers the most channels for the cheapest price.

Watch ESPN, ABC, NBC, FOX, PLAYBOY, HBO, SPIKE, NFL, FHM, MAXIM shows. Miro brings all this channels & content together!

Miro is computer software that enables you to view over 4,000 live satellite tv, cable TV and web tv channels on nearly any computer. It is the closest thing to "free satellite TV". You will not find more channels/content for less anywhere else.

Miro gives you access to over 4,000 Channels and content sources. These are channels and sources from all over the world. There is no added cost per channel. Miro can be installed as many times as you like. You can watch Online TV from any Windows computer with internet connection.

Miro offers traditional TV Shows as well as numerous a ton of sporting events, movies and even adult programs.

This online tv service is 100% legal and licensed. You do not need illegal scramblers or signal decoders.

The only caveat about Miro online tv is that there is no live software support. You can find help online in Miro and online tv discussion groups. Simply post your online tv question and the online community will promptly respond. However there is no live customer service and there are no refunds. This is why this online tv software download is so cheap. If we provided live help with the online tv download, install and setup, the software would cost 800% more than it does.

Dish Check, online Dish TV information, provides this fast download service for only $1.99. This is less than the average price of one month of HBO or Showtime.

Enjoy your Online TV!
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GREAT, None Better!!!

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