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Online TV is the new and "not so obvious" choice for millions of people. All local television stations and all popular cable channels are free to view. These include channels like the Sci-Fi Channel, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, USA, Fox, NBC and all the others are free to watch. You don't need to pay the satellite or cable companies to view them. You just need special software or an internet service to view them. Check the sites below to find reviews for the top software vendors and service providers.

  Rating  Review  Channels Starting
  Download Software? Content Licensed? Moneyback Guarantee?
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review 4,000+ $1.99 yes yes no
Digital TV on PC online tv reviewonline tv reviewonline tv reviewonline tv review review 3,000+ $37.00 inklineglobal.com yes yes 60 day
LiveTV4Me online tv reviewonline tv reviewonline tv reviewonline tv review review 1,000+ $29.95 LiveTV4Me.com yes yes 30 day
John Q TV
(works on Macs)
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review 1,000+ $44.95 johnq.com no yes yes
Sat Tube online tv reviewonline tv reviewonline tv review review 4,000+ $99.95 sattube.com yes yes unclear
PCTV4Me online tv review review 100+ $29.95 PCTV4Me.com yes unclear unclear

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Internet online television is sometimes referred to as Internet TV, Online TV, Web TV and even (although incorrectly) as IP TV.  Internet Online TV is television distributed via the Internet.

In the past, television was only distributed by cable, satellite, or terrestrial (broadcast antenna) systems.  Year upon year, internet connections speeds and techonlogy advancements have increased the speed decreased the cost of broadband internet.  It has become increasingly common to find traditional television content accessible legally over the Internet. In addition to this, new Internet-only television content has appeared.  These internet only channels are only available through online tv services.

Internet television utilizes the highspeed residential internet connections, such as cable modems, DSL and newer generation wireless, to deliver tv channels and increasingly large target audience.  Sources of Internet TV can be free, subscription-based, one time fee-based, or supported by advertisements. The barriers to wider adoption of Internet television in the past have been due soley to technology and internet speed (bandwidth) limitations. The bandwidth issue primarily meant that tv streams were using low bandwidth.  Low bandwidth resulted in poor online tv quality.

Internet television is becoming more pervasive.  Online television companies have made efforts to either gather channels and bundle them together through their software or act as a TV channel service.

Online television is unregulated, so there are less taxes.  Online television is also much more competitive than satellite or cable because of the low company startup costs.

Yes, you can get all the same channels that are available via satellite or cable.  HBO, Cinemax, Pay-per-view and all the rest are available but you will want to check to make certain that the service/software you pick has these.  Mostly these type of channels are found with services that charge a monthly fee.

Check your options and don't be afraid to buy a service or software package.  There are no commitments.  If you don't like the service, most have a money back guarantee and you can move on and try the next online tv service.
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