TiVo and NetFlix - What Dish TV People Need to Know

by Dish TV 30. October 2008 11:41


NetFlix Tivo

 In this ever fast paced world of text messages, PDA's and GPS, people are growing more and more annoyed with waiting and ad-based channels.  TiVo, the original and most acclaimed DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is getting better.  Series 3 TiVo players will be able to stream NetFlix movies.

How will this work?

It's very important, especially for our Dish TV subscribers (Dish Network or DirecTV) that this requires an internet connection.  This will not "stream" movies from you Dish TV satellite dish.  The same is true for cable viewers as well.

Series 3 (and above) TiVo players have a "etherent port" that they can hook up to an internet router that's connected to the internet.  Yes, this does mean 1 more cord unless you have the TiVo WiFi adapter (click here to get prices on the TiVo WiFi adapter).

Any high speed internet connection will work for your Dish TV TiVo, DSL, FiOS or any kind of cable modem.

Of course, you will also need a subscription from NetFlix of $8.99 or more per month.  Click here to get a free NetFlix Trial.  $8.99/month is not that much for unlimited movies that you NEVER have to return.

We encourage every Dish TV TiVo customer to check this offer out.

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