Cancel Dish TV without Paying a Deactivation Fee

by Dish TV 11. November 2008 14:49

dish tv contractDo you have a Dish TV account that you want to cancel?  Thousands of people want to know...

How do I cancel my DirecTV (or Dish Network) service without paying a cancellation fee?  In other words "How do I get out of my dish tv contract?"

Well here's a foolproof way of cancelling your Dish Network or DirecTV service without having to pay a deactivation fee.

Answer: Move

You can cancel your satellite TV service at any time if you move to a new residence that does not have a clear view of the southern sky.  This could be because of buildings, trees or other obstacles that would prevent you from receiving a clear signal from satellite dishes.

Is moving too extreme for you?  Well, you could always temporarily move your address to a friend's residence that has an obstructed view.  While this may seem extreme, it's always good to know that you have options.


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