Cablevision on iPad

by Dish TV 4. April 2011 10:13

Not to be out done by Time Warner on iPad Cablevision just released their own app for iPad called Cablevision Optimum.

Cablevision on iPad

Cablevision’s iPad app already offers more than Time Warner’s.

Cablevision’s Optimum can bring up to 300 channels  of LiveTV as well as On Demand movies.  Time Warner currently only offers 30 channels and no On Demand.

Cablevision also said that they are going to offer Remote Control abilities later this summer.  There has been no word on DVR abilities yet though.

You can have up to 3 iPads per household but only 2 of them can watch TV at a time.  Furthermore, you need Cablevision service and TV to your house and you can only use the app within your house.

Cablevision iPad app is free for Cablevision subscribers.  Simply open up your iTunes/App Store and search for “Cablevision” or “Optimum”.

2011 could be the year when Online TV really takes hold.


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